NO DOGS Kindle Cover

What readers are saying~

“A rare book that entices you to consider so many universal truths as you read it…love, loss, prejudice, alienation as well as questioning the meaning of freedom and captivity.”
“Engaging novel with a deep evocative as well as educational message–totally enjoyable.”
“Hare’s brutally honest description of Native Americans’ realm should send a wake up call to every single reader to the unconscionable treatment of these indigenous people.”
“An accurate description of the area and its people. Not always pretty but accurate.”
“This is a story about the past as well as about the present. It makes us aware of the wrongs that have been done, as well as of the wrongs that are still being done.”
“A powerful journey that left me feeling moved and inspired.”






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Blog: Strictly Haresay

“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air…”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Herein lie the musings of a reluctant blogger.
You’ll  find no how-to advice, DIY ideas or original recipes here;
just a few random observations and off-hand reflections are offered.
Anais Nin said it best when she posed:
“We write to taste life twice–in the moment, and in retrospect.”
That’s really what this unambitious blog is about…savoring the sweet gift of life.
Bon apetit!